Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 203 - True Enough

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Chapter 203: True Enough

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If only the heavens knew how this naked despise sounded just like a gift from God to Dumbo. He used his body, that was quivering uncontrollably, to wipe off the tears of joy on his face. While thanking her, he continued to mention the disgusting things he did, spilling whatever gross, smelly things done, as if he was afraid that Gu Mengmeng had not despised him enough and might regret enough to tell Lea to rip his skin off again.

They were so disgusting, they instantly made Gu Mengmeng lose her appetite. Waving her hands, she interrupted him, “I don’t have the energy to listen to your dirty business. Although I no longer want your skin, but you still ruined my things, so you still have to compensate.”

Stunned, Dumbo stared at Gu Mengmeng with a frightened expression, fearing that she might come up with another method to torture him.

Gu Mengmeng gave him a friendly smile. Yet, despite how friendly she seemed, it still gave Dumbo goosebumps. A shiver went up his body from the soles of his feet.

Seeing how her smile did not work on Dumbo, she massaged her face and stopped her act. Taking a deep breath, she asked seriously, “I will not pursue further about the beast skin as long as you answer three of my questions. Deal?”

It was obvious to Gu Mengmeng that Dumbo had heaved a sigh of relief, as he kneeled down placing his face on the ground, “Sauder is the tribe where Miss Messenger belongs to, everyone in Sauder belongs to Miss Messenger. No matter what you want to know, Dumbo will definitely answer truthfully.”

Gu Mengmeng sneered while thinking, why did you have to make such an uncontrollable mess, acting like a poser and not behaving when you first walked in?

While she thought so, she did not show it in her expression, replying indifferently, “Very well, very well.”

She then cut to the chase, her seemingly unconcerned gaze actually staring right at Dumbo’s every move, as to deduce whether he was lying.

Slowly, Gu Mengmeng started to ask the first question, “Who was the one who told you about my whereabouts?”

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Actually, Gu Mengmeng had an answer in her heart. It was just that Gu Mengmeng did not want to accuse any innocent people without having concrete evidence.


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