Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 20 - Males Hurt Too

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Chapter 20: Males Hurt Too

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Just when the bunch of males were so involved and excited in ‘taking care’ of Barete, an injured male ran over, stumbling along.

“Elvis, Nina’s injured.”

This sentence, despite not being loudly spoken, sent a cold air through the atmosphere.

To a tribe, there was nothing more precious than a female because females were the deciding factor of a tribe’s prosperity. The injury of every female was, thus, deadly serious to a tribe, especially in such a small one like Saint Nazaire where there were only three females. Nina’s injury was definitely not a trivial matter.

No matter how much Elvis was uninterested in Nina, he could not brush the matter aside.

“Where is Nina?” Elvis frowned, asking in a neutral tone.

“She has been sent to Lea,” The male answered.

Elvis nodded his head, motioning the male, with his gaze, to explain Nina’s body condition in detail.

The male followed Elvis tightly as he said, “We didn’t see Nina when we just came back to the cave so we went to find her. When we found her, she was lying unconscious in the cave with a huge wound on the top of her head and blood gushing out. Quentin sent her to Lea for treatment so I rushed to inform you.”

Elvis listened to the informant while walking to Lea’s cave. He did not look at Gu Mengmeng on purpose so as to prevent her from realizing that the reason why he was rushing to see Nina was to separate Barete and her.

After all, despite having mated with a male, the female could still find other males for mating. Furthermore, he did not have an official status yet.

Elvis’s thoughts clashed with each other. On one side, he wanted to have Gu Mengmeng to himself while on the other hand, he was afraid that his possessiveness and jealousy will become a nuisance to her. Thus, all he could do was to seek his private benefits in the name of public matters and to act as if he was very busy.

So, Elvis did not notice how Gu Mengmeng was feeling more guilty than he was.

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Nina was still unconscious until now? And her head was wounded, and she kept bleeding? Damn it, was it because she used too much force earlier and killed her?!


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