Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 170 - Too Much Intelligence Would Hurt Oneself

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Chapter 170: Too Much Intelligence Would Hurt Oneself

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Lea nodded his head in doubt, implying that he remembered.

Elvis continued, “With your abilities, you should have reached the scene early right?”

Lea’s heart thumped, seemingly understanding what Elvis meant.

Elvis was not expecting Lea’s reply and just continued to say, “I heard from Xiaomeng that you came from the skies when she was almost choked to death by Quentin. You did not even fly there, and this implies that you had long arrived at the scene but you did not appear from the start and just watched Quentin hurt Xiaomeng, right?”

Lea released the hand that he used to dispute with Elvis and staggered two steps backwards, not saying a word.

Elvis did not force him to reply and just said plainly, “You feel that you’re not as important as Xiaomeng’s ‘principles’ to her while in your heart, Xiaomeng is also not as important as Saint Nazaire. That time, to give her a warning so that she wouldn’t dare to easily step out of Saint Nazaire again, you allowed Quentin to hurt her. During the battle against me, you also considered Saint Nazaire’s future and thus, did not use your entire strength, eventually. In the end, you even thought of pretending to mate with Nina to break Xiaomeng’s heart… in your heart, besides her identity as messenger of the Beast Deity and her ability to bring an overwhelming strength to Saint Nazaire, what else is there left?”

“I…” Lea stay silent. One day, the clever male was actually reduced to silence by Elvis.

“I can’t hand Xiaomeng over to someone that places her on a balance.” Elvis stepped backwards and blocked the entrance firmly.

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Lea did not try to rush in again and he looked down at his own shadow, muttering to himself, “Did you tell Mengmeng this thing yet?”


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