Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 169 - Just Like This

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Chapter 169: Just Like This

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Despite how dumb Gu Mengmeng was, she could still notice something. She released Elvis’s arm and looked up into his eyes, asking him, “The strong clan and the reliable clan member… who is it?”

Lea was outside the cave and could not see Gu Mengmeng’s actions. He could only sense that Gu Mengmeng was not in a good mood through her voice but he still answered, “Elvis is the strongest male in Saint Nazaire and he has long been promoted to third-level beast. However, he always remained at this level because he did not have the blessing from the mating contract. I believe, as long as you mate with him, he can advance into fourth-level in no time. As long as he gets promoted successfully…..”

“Ha…” Gu Mengmeng sneered and cut off Lea’s words. She looked as if all energy was depleted from her body as she sat on her legs loosely without any strength. She looked down at her own fingers and muttered to herself, “Turns out that in your eyes, I’m just a tool for promotion.”

Lea’s heart stopped beating. At that moment, he understood what was making him feel uneasy just now.

His Mengmeng misunderstood him!

Lea wanted to open his mouth to explain but Gu Mengmeng beat him to it, “If I mate with Elvis, he will become tremendously strong. If he becomes so strong until he can handle all critical situations in the Beast World, I’ll just have him as a partner. Why is there still a need to accept the rules on this Beast World? If the strength he gained after mating with me is still not enough to handle all these danger… ha, clan. How many partners do I need to be considered a clan? Three? Five? Ten? Hundred?”

Gu Mengmeng breathed in deeply and suddenly stood up, shouting outside the cave, “Please go, I don’t want to see you again.”

Lea’s body froze. He exerted all the strength in his body but he realized that he did not even have the energy to control his fingertips.


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