Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 147 - Were You Afraid That I Wanted To Seek Revenge But Couldn’t Find Where You Live?

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Chapter 147: Were You Afraid That I Wanted To Seek Revenge But Couldn’t Find Where You Live?

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Gu Mengmeng only added the smashed ginger into the pot when Bode was almost done cooking the fish soup. When the soup boiled, she then added the fish for it to cook.

Actually, a meal cooked with only fish and ginger is similar to that of a meal eaten during the month of confinement, and really could not be considered a delicacy. The only reason Gu Mengmeng’s cooking was so well-loved was because the food structure here was too scarce and simple.

The fish soup that was cooked for about two hours was simply exploding with fragrance, so much so that it attracted almost everyone in Saint Nazaire.

However, most males still followed territorial boundaries and did not step foot into Sandy’s home, but those females who did not care about causing trouble did not bother respecting the boundaries.

With Nina taking the lead, she and another female whom Gu Mengmeng did not remember the name of walked in together. Nina taking long strides as though she was strolling about her own backyard, while the other female followed behind like a servant. Both of them approached Gu Mengmeng, one standing behind the other.

The wound on Nina’s neck was still hurting, having suffered a few times in the hands of Gu Mengmeng. After looking around, she noticed that Elvis was not present, which made her calmer than before. Then, she cleared her throat pretentiously while pointing to Sandy’s pot, asking: “Hey, what are you doing, you lowly half-orc female?”

Sandy stood up in a hurry, clasping her hands and replied, “It’s… it’s not me, Gu Mengmeng is the one who is making something delicious.”

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Gu Mengmeng knew Sandy was used to being bullied by Nina, so she was rather taken aback that she would talk back to Nina for her.


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