Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 139 - Is It Your First Kiss?

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Chapter 139: Is It Your First Kiss?

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After Gu Mengmeng’s continuous soothing and assurance that she would wash Lea’s hands thoroughly herself after he was done treating Adali’s wound, Lea then started sewing the wound up unwillingly.

Not to say, Lea was really brilliant in some professional aspects. The tenacity of the intestine was not very good, but he used ingenious angles and strength to sew Adali’s wound up with a solid result despite having no experience. And Adali was also a tough fellow. Even though he was not dosed with any anesthesia, he did not even wince a single bit and just clenched his teeth tight while staring at Sandy. He looked like he could withstand anything as long as he could see Sandy.

The whole process took around three minutes. Gu Mengmeng’s suspending heart finally relaxed after Lea finished his last touch perfectly.

Truthfully speaking, Gu Mengmeng was just an onlooker but she could feel the pain herself.

However, after all, he was the man of her bosom friend and she still avoided doing anything that would raise suspicion. So, Gu Mengmeng told Sandy, “Hurry and check on Adali. Lea and I will be going to the stream to wash his hands and we’ll be back soon.”

“Alright.” Sandy also did not know how to take care of an injured person so she just followed Gu Mengmeng’s words and sat next to Adali. She stared intently at Adali who was forcing a smile and helped wipe the sweat off his face gently.

Lea evolved into a snow fox and carried Gu Mengmeng on his back to the upper part of the stream. He did not say a word and just rushed into the water directly.

Plop plop, both Gu Mengmeng and Lea landed in the water.

Gu Mengmeng chuckled as she stood up. After wiping the water off her face, she saw Lea standing in the stream with nothing on. The stream water was just nice below his waist and the two abdominal lines that formed a V shape could be seen at times, causing one’s imagination to run wild while his broad shoulders and narrow hips enhanced his beautiful body shape. He was not as muscular as Elvis and also did not appear to be full of power and energy like him which prevented people from belittling Elvis. However, he had his sense of muscular and sturdy beauty while the color of his skin was as clear and fair like a jade but there were no feminine sentiments in him at all. Gu Mengmeng could always see the seductive but holy aura around him but she was not once confused with his gender.

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His silver white long hair was swept behind him casually and it reflected the crystal water droplets because of the stream water. Under the rays of sunlight, it seemed like it was emitting the halo of the rainbow.


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