Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 135 - Congratulations, You Have Even Learned How To Be The First To Answer!

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Chapter 135: Congratulations, You Have Even Learned How To Be The First To Answer!

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Sandy ordered one of her partners to retrieve a clean beast-skin mat from the cave to lay it on the ground while Bode and the other male placed Adali on the beast skin. Lea placed the stone pot aside and used his large tail to wrap Gu Mengmeng behind him, protecting her while he himself bent down to check on the condition of Adali’s wound.

Gu Mengmeng knew that Lea was protecting her like that because he was aware of her fear towards the iron bloody smell. She felt a warm sensation in her heart but she was still quite worried for Adali. After all, it was a beast life, and he was Sandy’s partner too. Although Lea said that Adali’s injury had nothing to do with her but Gu Mengmeng still felt some sense of guilt in her.

Thus, she resisted the temptation of the large tail for the first time and climbed onto Lea’s back. She lied on Lea’s shoulder and stuck out her head to check Adali’s wound together with Lea.

“Leaving it like this would definitely cause infection,” Gu Mengmeng muttered to herself softly.

Lea turned behind and asked Gu Mengmeng, “Then, what do you suggest?”

Although Gu Mengmeng always claimed what happened to Barete was merely common knowledge, to Lea and everyone else, this was already a skill almost on par with the deities. Gu Mengmeng’s high level of ‘common knowledge’ could suppress the witch doctors of many tribes in the Beast World.

So, Lea still took Gu Mengmeng’s opinions seriously.

Stepping ten thousand steps backwards, even though Gu Mengmeng was just saying it for fun… so what? As long as Mengmeng was happy, let alone the only injured one was Adali, even if he himself was injured, he would still heed Gu Mengmeng’s opinions and follow what she said.

As long as she was happy.

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Gu Mengmeng was very elated that Lea was listening to her opinions seriously, this made her feel that she was very important.


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