Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 125 - Lea Graduated From New Oriental?

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Chapter 125: Lea Graduated From New Oriental?

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Lea brought his hand to the tip of his nose and gave it a smell. It was a light yellow root smell that was left behind after tricking Nina.

His deep gaze looked uneasy, could it be that… Mengmeng had found out about him intervening in the conflicts between females?

Lea appeared tranquil on the surface but internally, he felt constrained and uneasy as he started speaking softly, “Yellow root.”

“Where? Is there any left? Give me some! Please!” Gu Mengmeng grabbed tightly onto Lea’s forearm with both hands and with every word, she crept closer to Lea. When she finished her last word, her entire body was almost touching the tip of Lea’s nose.

Lea was pretty overwhelmed by Gu Mengmeng’s sudden enthusiasm. The yellow root was not any rare item, why was she so anxious over it?

But, since she liked it, even if he had to empty out all the mountains of Saint Nazaire, he would do it.

“Yes, no matter how much you want, I have it.” Lea smiled gently and ruffled Gu Mengmeng’s head. He then evolved his white and fluffy large tail out conscientiously and swung it in front of Gu Mengmeng at times. Next, he ‘accidentally’ allowed Gu Mengmeng to catch it whole in a half-loathing and half-consenting manner and his large tail was lastly cuddled by Gu Mengmeng.

Lea did not mind the raw fish smell on Gu Mengmeng’s hands on his body and he just stared at her playing delightfully in a conniving and indulgent way. He set up a new fireplace with Elvis near the stream before Elvis explained Gu Mengmeng’s methods to him in a simpler way as the former handled the raw fish. Lea referred to Bode’s conscientious roasting process and together with Elvis’s account, he attempted to roast a fish himself.

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He tore a piece of meat and tasted it, yeah, there was no strange taste, Mengmeng could eat it.


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