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Chapter 779 - Does My Dad Like That Woman?

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Chapter 779: Does My Dad Like That Woman?

Qi Zhenbai glanced up at him silently, but Yan Youwei could see the answer in his boss’s expression.


He didn’t expect Captain Chi to really be Boss’s future father-in-law. If Sister Shen was with Captain Chi, wouldn’t she be Boss’s future mother-in-law?

His G.o.ddess could actually become Boss’s future mother-in-law. The more Yan Youwei thought about it, the more fantastical it felt.

Because of Father Chi, Chi Shuyan wasn’t in the mood to stay any longer. She had been a bit hungry earlier, but she wasn’t the slightest bit hungry now. Her head hurt terribly.

Qi Zhenbai could see his wife’s mood, and they parted ways with Yan Youwei. Before doing so, Chi Shuyan took the initiative to invite him to their place for dinner the day after tomorrow.

Yan Youwei hurriedly waved his hand and looked at his boss. Yan Youwei had indeed helped his wife a lot this time. Qi Zhenbai nodded. “Don’t forget to come. When everyone is free in the future, I’ll invite everyone to a meal together!”

Yan Youwei beamed with joy. It would be Boss’s treat.

When they got into the car. Chi Shuyan slumped against the man. Qi Zhenbai hugged her and pulled her from the pa.s.senger seat and onto his lap, gently brus.h.i.+ng her hair off her forehead.

Chi Shuyan finally couldn’t help but suddenly ask, “Hey, Qi Zhenbai, do you think my dad likes that woman?”

Qi Zhenbai pondered seriously for a moment, then said earnestly, “I don’t!”

Chi Shuyan: …

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She was asking about her father, not him, okay? Or did this man want to be her father?

Qi Zhenbai was telling the truth. Since his father-in-law could give birth to his wife, Qi Zhenbai had a much higher opinion of his future father-in-law.

If Chi Shuyan knew what this man was thinking, she would definitely roll her eyes.

Qi Zhenbai’s words comforted her a bit. She also made up her mind that if her father really took a fancy to that woman, she wouldn’t agree to it. It was mainly because that woman was too dangerous, and she was afraid that her father would be bewitched by that woman. When that happened, she would have to accept the relations.h.i.+p even if she didn’t want to. It seemed that she had to go to the military to see her father this time!

But she thought of Yan Youwei saying that her father would only be back in half a month, and could only helplessly accept the fact.

Qi Zhenbai stroked his wife’s face and said gently, “Don’t worry, Old Yan will send word immediately once there’s news!”

Chi Shuyan nodded. “That’s the only way!” Thinking of her father, her head hurt terribly. She suddenly thought of something and said to the man, “By the way, did you see the man next to that woman just now? He looks like he’s in the same trade!” They were both pract.i.tioners, but she didn’t like the aura of that man either. To hang around with someone like that, that Shen woman wasn’t anything like the harmless and kind woman Yan Youwei described! She wasn’t that naive!

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