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Chapter 819 - Holy Disciple Rank-Advancement Competition

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Chapter 819: Holy Disciple Rank-Advancement Competition

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He had to figure this step out. Kadin’s sword attack left a very deep impression on Wang Zhong and inspired him. Previously, Wang Zhong had been trying to stabilize and stack his Soul Power, but the effects weren’t very good.

Wang Zhong’s maximum Soul Power limit was around 11,000 Grassos now, but it would be extremely hard for him to stack it until 12,000. Based on this figure, his power was inferior to that of Kadin, who certainly put in a lot of effort into revising his attacks.

Wang Zhong’s supreme control of Soul Power was definitely unprecedented, but that referred to his control on the micro-level. However, if he wanted to stack his Soul Power, that would be a macro-level technique, and his delicate micro-level control wouldn’t be of much help.

 He was trying to think of a solution. At first, he tried to play to his strengths and avoid his weaknesses, using his advantage of being able to control Soul Power at a micro-level. He wanted to incorporate runes into his internal Soul Power, such that it would form a runic array at the moment of attack, greatly boosting its power. It would definitely produce a greater effect than if he stacked it normally. Nonetheless, this was just a thought. Controlling the Soul Power inside of your body was entirely different from controlling it outside of your body.

 Runic carvings took the shape of a ‘circular arc’ while the Soul Sea was in a state of vacuum and weightlessness. Soul Power could reach the speed of light at its maximum speed; thus, manipulating it into a straight line was more realistic. Bending it into a runic circular arc shape was almost impossible, which meant that runes couldn’t be formed inside the Soul Sea.

 In other words, he needed to change his way of thinking. He had to come up with a new method that could replace traditional runes but still produce the same effects inside the Soul Sea.

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This was easier said than done. In reality, runes were the foundation of the Holy Land; even the Federation’s knowledge of runes was passed down from the Holy Land. It had been passed down for hundreds of years, and the runes seemed to have already existed from the start; perhaps it was left behind by a civilization in the Dimensional World. Legend had it that even the Holy Saint Teacher was only considered a ‘translator’ at most. To want to come up with a whole new method was wishful thinking.

 At one point in time, Wang Zhong felt that he had encountered a dead end in this aspect of his cultivation journey, unable to find a way out. However, one of Wang Zhong’s merits was that once he was certain that he was heading in the right direction, he wouldn’t doubt himself or hesitate. He would use all sorts of methods to advance in his desired direction. Ever since he was young, Wang Zhong had been very clear and logical in his thinking. He could keep a cool head and maintain his confidence throughout his cultivation journey. In the end, he found his own way around this issue.

The Soul Power Circuit!

 That was what he called it.

 Wang Zhong never thought that authorities had the answers to everything. Everything was possible in the Soul Sea. Everything was subject to change, and what was suitable was best. Wang Zhong knew about this theory that was prevalent in the old civilizations. There were mainstream ideas of ‘codes’, ‘two-dimensional languages’, and ‘conversion’, so you could definitely find a replacement for runes in your Soul Sea which could produce the same effect. The replacement would be faster, more convenient, and somewhat similar to programming languages.

The things that Simba rambled on about had caused Wang Zhong to form an entirely different outlook on the world compared to people in this era. People in this era were followers and felt insignificant, while in the old-civilization era, humans were the masters of the world and felt invincible. Innovation and breaking out of stereotypes were as normal as breathing.

 Because of that, Wang Zhong discovered that the linear and polygonal pathways that Soul Power traveled on in the Soul Sea could achieve runic effects under certain combinations; it was just that the required pathways were faster, more complicated, and concentrated. Nevertheless, linear lines and polygonal chains were more concise and clearer. It seemed complicated, but in fact, Soul Power could travel on these pathways at a faster speed, and it wasn’t as particular about spirituality as runes. The important thing was how you layered and planned it out.

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To put it simply, it was something like a circuit board. What Wang Zhong needed to do now was to continuously experiment with different combinations.

Wang Zhong had a very logical and clear way of thinking. Regardless of whether it was the external runes, which took the shape of circular arcs, or the internal linear circuits, all of them were composed of basic elements. Complicated circuits were just stacked combinations of basic circuits. Once he made sense of the circuit’s ‘basic language’, his objective could be considered complete. Wang Zhong woke up at the thought of this.

Cultivating in the desert was a happy, quiet, and peaceful affair for Wang Zhong, as there were no disruptions or distractions. There was Sister Hong and Gong Yi to help him with trivial daily tasks, so he was able to be more focused and engrossed in his training. He had such a good time there, he was almost reluctant to leave.

 Just like that, time passed, but he hadn’t completely solved the Soul Power Circuit issue yet. The Holy Disciple rank-advancement competition was nearing quietly…


 There were two very important days in the Holy City. One was the Holy Birth Day, which occurred near the end of the year. That was the birthday of Adalia, the Holy Saint Teacher.

The other was the Holy Death Day. That was related to Adalia as well. It was the day that the Holy Saint Teacher disappeared from the Holy City during the summer solstice.

The former was a grand festival, while the latter was a mourning festival that involved everyone in the Holy Land. The purpose of the Holy Death Day was to mourn the death of Adalia, the Holy Saint Teacher, and also to remind everyone to remain alert to the dangers that the Dimensional World posed. Every year, the entire Holy City halted all celebratory activities 10 days before and after the Holy Death Day. Weddings and other similar celebratory events were not allowed. If you had something to celebrate, you could eat a feast at home secretly, but it would be your fault if you celebrated out on the streets.

 At the same time, the 10 days were also important days that the selection and assessment process of various full-time and subsidiary professions in the Holy City took place on. It was to encourage people to continue working hard in order to follow in Adalia’s footsteps.

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For the Holy Disciples who wanted to be promoted to Teachers, Teachers that were at the Heavenly Soul Stage who wanted to be promoted to Great Teachers, or people in the various subsidiary professions who wanted to be promoted to Great Masters or Grand Masters, it would all happen within the 10 days if you followed the normal procedure. During this period of time, many legendary big shots in the Holy City might appear. Of course, that was their business. For the commoners, such as this batch’s newcomers, these 10 days represented their hope to be promoted to Holy Disciples.

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 Around a month before the Holy Death Day, the newcomers had already been actively preparing for everything related to the Holy Disciple rank-advancement competition.


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