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Chapter 1212 - My Most Beloved Friend

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Chapter 1212: My Most Beloved Friend

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Although the former Dragon Emperor was invincible in the Heaven, he was still at the same realm and level as them. Also, though the power of the law of domination was strong, it did not completely overwhelm the laws of the other Divine Kings. At best, the Dragon Emperor was a tad bit stronger. Yet, the Dragon Emperor who had spent dozens of eras escaping and hiding in the Land actually appeared with such a crushing power!

Only after death could one understand and gain eternal life, thereby becoming a true god. The Four Divine Kings who were scared of death were all wrong from the beginning. Although Simba was the Dragon Emperor now, he still had Simba’s old bad habits.

When the Divine Kings’ laws dissipated and all their rule manifestations and powers turned into nothingness, the Four Divine Kings became no different from ordinary people. In Simba’s eyes, they were merely four ants.

Simba looked at them indifferently. He had waited a long time for this moment. Yet, there was not much joy in him. That was because the Four Divine Kings and even all the level-9 civilizations were going to disappear no matter what. The universe was like a civilization. Once it reached its zenith, it would turn into chaos and return to its origin.

The Four Divine Kings were dumbfounded. Even Lao Wang and the others in the protective shield were also shocked.

These were the Four Divine Kings of the Heaven! In everyone’s eyes, they had always stood at the top of the universe. Yet, from Simba’s mouth, they were degraded to become worthless beings… Sorry, not only with his mouth, but also with his strength!

It was complete suppression!

Lao Wang couldn’t help but want to cheer. He was indeed the Omnipotent Simba. He had finally witnessed the truth in his mantra; he was indeed too strong!

“Now, it’s time for you to pay for what you did.” Simba’s voice became calmer, and his fingers gently pointed at the Fate Roulette again.

An eternal light shone. This light was not dazzling like the auras of the other gods and kings. It only appeared soft and mellow, but was everywhere and irresistible.

The Fate Roulette, which once took countless hours and energy to recharge, was able to be used again. With the fusion of the Fate Stone, it seemed that the energy stored in the Fate Roulette had become endless, and there was no need for any recharge at all. The black and white world shone once again. This time, it was to pronounce one’s life or death!

“I sentence—”

“Wait!” the Wilderness Divine King shouted.

To be honest, the Four Divine Kings were still stunned. As the lords of the Heaven, they had been in control of the Heaven and the Land for countless eras, but they had never seen such a level of power. It was not just stronger than them by a fair bit, it was actually countless times stronger!

There was no way to fight and no way to contend. Perhaps, the words of the Dragon Emperor back then were correct: perhaps the shortcut in which they chose to devour Gold Cores was wrong.

But so what? Was there a need to talk about right or wrong when something had already been done? It was nothing more than success or failure!

For the Wilderness Divine King, the good thing was, he had left a hidden move.

“Do you have any last words?” Simba said lightly. In fact, at this point, the ties between them could no longer be considered due to someone’s mistake or simply hatred anymore.

“Last words?” The Wilderness Divine King laughed coldly. “I just wanted you to take a look at something before you act.”

With a wave of his sturdy hand, a transparent crystal ball appeared in his hand, firmly held by him.

A graceful female soul could be seen in the crystal ball.

The Wilderness Divine King raised the crystal ball high up and said, “Look carefully at who this is!”

In the crystal ball was a naked female Primordial Spirit. She had her arms wrapped around her chest and was curled up in the crystal ball. Lotus flowers were blooming all around her body, and sounds of dragon roars could be heard in her surroundings. However, they quickly faded away and were extinguished. It was as if she was confined and controlled by the crystal. All she could do was to sit down while shivering as frost covered her entire body.

This was…

Lao Wang’s mouth was wide agape.

This was actually the woman he had seen in the Heavenly Calamity when he was crossing the Heavenly Soul Tribulation. She was the Dragon Princess atop Tianlong Mountain who was discouraging the Dragon Emperor from entering the path of reincarnation!

At that time, she looked to be a stunning beauty. However, she currently looked like a withered flower, her beauty no longer blooming.

“We didn’t wipe out your Dragon Race.” The Heavenly Wings Divine King laughed. Sometimes, there was a need to have a backup plan.

“Furthermore, your sweet wife was originally merely placed under house arrest in Tianlong Mountain. We didn’t even mistreat her. It’s a pity that when she heard the news of the Earthling next to you, she thought that he was your reincarnation and thus secretly gathered her old comrades to rebel together… Hehe, I am already very kind to have merely destroyed her body and imprisoned her spirit.”

“And this!” Several crystal balls appeared in the hands of the Violent Demon Divine King.


“Sister Lavel! Brother Yan!”

It was actually Napier, Lavel, and Yan Moyu who had just broken through the Heavenly River not long ago! They were also imprisoned like the Dragon Princess and were in a very poor state. Only their remnant soul remained, and they were close to true death.

Lao Wang, Mo Wen, and the others showed a hint of surprise on their faces. Although it was not to their advantage for the opponents to have their close ones as hostages, the sight of their former companions still being alive truly made them happy. Even if they were trapped and in a very bad state, at least they were still alive!

The attention of the Four Divine Kings was not on Wang Zhong and his friends at all. They were only staring at the Dragon Emperor who was dressed as a clown. The value of these Gold Cores was obviously not comparable to that of the Dragon Princess, but no matter what, it increased their bargaining chips and their chances of winning.

“I know you won’t hand over the Fate Roulette.” The Heavenly Wing Divine King then shouted, “Get out of the Heaven and never come back again! I will let them live and even craft a physical body for your princess. After that, I will let her go back to Tianlong Mountain and even take care of her. We will no longer ask for the tributes of the Gold Cores from the Land, and we can even establish a communication channel for you so that you can always meet your sweet wife across worlds!”

If the condition was to let the Dragon Emperor hand over the Fate Roulette, it was the same as asking the Dragon Emperor to hand over his weapon and life to the enemy. Even a fool would not agree to it. The Four Divine Kings knew this very well. They also knew the trustworthiness of the four of them in the Dragon Emperor’s eyes.

Thus, their request was very simple. They just wanted to make the Dragon Emperor leave and for him to stay away and mind his own business. From now on, the Heaven and the Land would be completely separated, but the Dragon Princess would still be put under house arrest as a safeguard for the four races.

They merely wanted to live on!

With such conditions, there was no way the Dragon Emperor would decline. At least, this was what the Four Divine Kings thought. They knew of the relationship between the Dragon Emperor and the Dragon Princess in the past, and knew that he would never sit back and watch her die.

“Get out of here!”

“From now on, the Heaven and the Land shall be completely separated, and we will not mind each other’s business.”

“You have all… made a mistake.” However, Simba’s voice became even colder than before.

The complexion of the Four Divine Kings changed. They immediately knew that the negotiation had broken down just by listening to his tone.

The Wilderness Divine King did not hesitate to start acting brutishly! To become one of the Four Divine Kings, how could he be an indecisive person? If the Dragon Emperor thought that he would not dare to kill the Dragon Princess, then he was very wrong! He wanted the Dragon Emperor to see his determination, and as long as the other party showed any hint of regret or compromise, he could stop his action and prevent the execution from happening within one ten-thousandth of a second.

However, Simba’s face did not change from beginning to end, even when the crystal was crushed!

Yet, the Wilderness Divine King’s face did not have the joy or thrill of killing his enemy’s beloved. All he had were deep shock and panic!

Simba stretched out his left hand, and the crystal ball appeared in perfect condition within his palm.

“Using Lao Wang’s words, you don’t know anything about power.” Simba’s voice echoed between the sky and the earth. “I sentence you all to death!”

The dazzling white light shone, and the colorful void instantly turned into a pure white world, making everyone unable to see anything.


The desperate and angry voices of the Four Divine Kings echoed in the white light, but they disappeared into nothingness in merely two or three seconds.

There were no more roars of anger. Only the dazzling white light remained, seemingly purifying everything in existence and letting everything return to its origin!

The expressions of Lao Wang and the others were solemn. Facing this power that could destroy the world, everyone felt shock and awe.

The energy contained in the white light permeated all levels of the Fifth Dimension in a way that they did not comprehend. Any living beings with karmic ties in the Land, especially those in civilizations that were sucked dry by the Heaven, were given a new lease of life.

At this time, the Four Divine Kings had disappeared without a trace. The void was calm again, and even Simba had disappeared, leaving only a voice in the air.

“Wang Zhong, I still have something to deal with immediately. One month later, come to Tianlong Mountain to find me…”

When the voice started, it felt like Simba was still next to his ear, but when the sentence finished, Simba seemed to already be light-years away.

The protective shield covering Wang Zhong’s group immediately dissipated, and the four of them reappeared in the void space. There was no longer the previous depressing atmosphere around them. It even felt as if the void had become exceptionally pure and clear.

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But… it had ended just like that?

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