Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)

Chuuni Suki

Chapter 395

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Chapter 395

Tortus Travel Journal ㉕ Yosh, You Pass! by Demon King


The imperial princess Tracy activated “Limit Break” which should be impossible.

Muddy black aura burst up like a tornado. The figure in the center of it sported a grin that split her lips like a crescent moon. Coupled with her harsh beauty and giant scythe, she looked exactly like a “fallen villainess”.

Compared to Shia’s cute figure and bluish white magic power, she looked like a hidden last boss who was standing in the way of the heroine.

In fact the strength flooding that body was immense. From the pressure she radiated her specs had definitely increased by several times. To the observer, they somehow hallucinated that her blond drill hair had somehow increased in number. They looked like they were twisting and meandering.

Anyway, it was also certain that this wasn’t just a bluff or illusion from Shia’s grumbling 「Mumumu-」 and her wary expression.

Hajime also checked with his magic eye stone. He learned that Tracy wasn’t using any kind of artifact and she was really activating the “Limit Break” with her own strength.

「Now, here I come! Shia Hauria! Has you finished preparing for the fun, fun overtime!?」

「I already have more than enough though?」

「Myy-, how unfriendly! But, that side of your is also lovely desuwa!」

「Aa, she is really Altina’s kind desuu. My words won’t go through desu-」

Shia didn’t even try to hide her disgusted face. Tracy made a smile of wild joy and raised her giant scythe in overhead position for a vertical down swing.

「Please I ask you, to accept this seething passion of mineeee!」

「It will be a bit hard to deal with this using just Level II……why is there so many degenerate pervert who turn out to be abnormally superhuman I wonder?」

Shia let out a long sigh, but Tracy completely ignored her and let out a magnificent loud laugh「Ooo-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-」 with her tension increasing through the roof. She was in a perfect condition. She began to rotate her giant scythe in high speed.

By doing that, the muddy black torrent of magic power was converging into her giant scythe.

「Muu, this isn’t normal. Hajime-kun, is it alright to not stop them?」

Shuuzou who hadn’t said anything at all since the match started and only watched with his eyes blazing fierily finally let out a worried voice from feeling the aberrant pressure. Koichi and Kirino also stopped watching the battle gleefully with their gaze alternately looking at Shia and Hajime with a bit of worry.

Hajime, no, Yue, Kaori, Shizuku, Tio, and then Aiko, Myuu, Remia, and even Liliana were tilting their head as though to say 「Just what are you saying?」

They noticed a second later.

Come to think of it, Shuuzou and others had never seen the bugged bunny Shia before.

From the past replay they had only watched Shia’s hopeless rabbit performance at her first meeting with Hajime, the way she fought desperately in Raisen while looking like she wanted to cry, and even at the battle against Tio in the northern mountain range and against the giant army of monsters, she was overshadowed by Hajime and others. She was doing her part in those battles, but she still wasn’t at the level of bugged character at that time.

It was understandable then that they were feeling somewhat concerned just from Shia facing an opponent of this level. In fact, Tomoichi, Kaoruko, and even Akiko were also looking slightly worried.

And so Hajime smiled wryly and replied with only a short sentence.

「It’s fine. You will understand if you watch.」

He urged them with his gaze to look at Shia and Tracy after saying that. Shuuzou and others followed his gaze toward that direction……

And then,

「Now! It’s time for massacre desuwaaa――EGXESSSSSSSSSSSS!!」

The giant scythe that was rotating in high speed overhead fired innumerable jet black blades. Those blades drew a giant arc and a part of them passed above the head of Hajime and others to circle around. The blades attacked Shia from left, right, above, and even from the back.

Originally this technique must be for carving apart the whole area around the user. Tracy’s technique to control it to form a cage of magic blades was astonishing.



Shia lifted her foot, and dropped it. She entered the state of body strengthening Level V just for an instant.

A tremor that felt like an earthquake shook the palace. The floor――it was the floor of the throne room, so the surface was made from a hard mineral material, added with steel plate and magic barrier that automatically activated from impact――turned into a crater with cracks spreading like spider web. At the same time a shockwave also radiated out around Shia.

With just that, the majority of the jet black magic blades rushing toward her were erased. Even the rest was blown away to every direction.

Just in case, Shia had sent a short gaze toward Yue. She blocked the shockwave toward the audiences with perfect timing, even so the pupils of Shuuzou and others including all the empire nobles turned into dot in shock.

But, the bugged bunny didn’t obtain her numerous nicknames just from something of this level.

The true absurdity happened right after.

「Ahah. Receive thisssss! This is my full power in full throttle! It’s time for beheading desuwaaaa! ――EGXESSSSSSSSSSS!!」

With a slight delay after the magic blades attack from all directions, Tracy appeared behind Shia. It seemed she had even cut through the shockwave. Apparently she was convinced that Shia would be able to endure her attack and she closed the distance by using the magic blades as cover.

Tracy sported a happy smile of wild joy when Shia looked back across her shoulder and their eyes met. However, there wasn’t the slightest hesitation in her swing.

The giant scythe’s sharpness had been explosively increased due to the thick jet black aura wrapping around it. It swung toward Shia’s slender neck――


A sound like metal clashing on metal echoed.

Time also felt like it had stopped.

「……I think I just heard a sound that should be impossible coming from human body though」

Tracy-san’s mad joy vanished for an instant. It seemed her mind was blown away by the completely unexpected, no, the completely absurd occurrence.

Even now there was the sound of *creak creak scrap scrap* that shouldn’t be made from human body. She looked at Shia’s completely unprotected neck that had been hit by her strongest and greatest slash. Her expression turned blank.

This was one of the reasons why Shia was a bugged bunny that blew away even the madness of a battle maniac.

――Shia-style Metamorphosis Magic Steel Coating(Fighting Spirit Defense)

Throw away your blade and come at me barehanded! What’s wrong……you scared?

But it’s fine! Shockwave will pass through so it’s still effective! This fragment of absurdity seemed to say that.

The eyes of Shuuzou and others flew out like in a gag. Their face seemed to say 「Something like this is possibleee!?」.

I understand. I understa~nd your feeling, Hajime and others seemed to stay with their faraway look. Then in front of them Shia slowly pulled back her fist.

「Passion, ideal, principle, intellect, elegance, refinement――you have enough of all those. But, however-, you are overwhelminglyy~ lacking in “fighting spirit”–!!」

Tracy came back to her senses with a gasp and stepped back with convulsing expression. Even so she reacted swiftly.

She took a short chain from the dream breast pocket.

There were ten rings on that chain. She instantly put her fingers into those rings and poured her magic power, activating a barrier that was worth ten “Holy Severance”……

「This is how you put your fighting spirit into it desuu! SHAORAAAAAA——!!」

「There is no way this is――hidebuu!?」

*Papapapapann* Continuous sounds of breaking echoed, then right after that Shia’s fist pushed forward as though no barrier was on its way at all. That fist landed on Tracy’s chest immediately after.

Tracy was blown away while spinning in the air. She crashed on a pillar inside the throne room and bounced, then she hit another pillar and bounced again, she bounced all around like a pinball, and in the end she crashed on a furniture vase that looked absurdly expensive and came to a stop with only her butt sticking out.

Her body was convulsing *Twitch-twitch-twitch*

She looked dead no matter how they looked at her……

No, she moved just a single arm by squeezing out her last strength. She lifted her hand behind even though that hand was shaking fiercely……

「M-my deepest, gratitude. Niceee, fiiighttt~ desuwa――slump」

She made a firm thumb up and firmly spoke her praise and satisfaction, and then she fell limp at the end of the death match.

No, that’s you. You have done really well. Everyone couldn’t help but send her their praise and applause inside their heart.

Even the interviewer Hajime reflexively grinned at the imperial princess’s brave fight.

「She passed.」

「Passing what huh?」

「Passing of what!?」

Hajime paid no mind to Gahard’s stare. He also didn’t listen to the questioning of Princess Liliana.

While they were doing that, Shia slowly lowered down her outstretched fist.

「She is an outrageous pervert but, well……she has a good fighting sense.」

She lightly brushed away her rabbit ear *fuasa* with one hand. Shia smiled fuh and coolly turned around. Her gesture was a bit savory. A bit like a certain lord.

The dumbfounded Shuuzou and others remembered to breath seeing her action. Yaegashi family’s eyes were sparkling, no, blazing. Tomoichi and others were also smiling faintly seeing the reason why she was called bugged.

「Wait, this isn’t the time to just watch! First aid! First aid! Your highnesssss! Are you aliveeee-」

「T-that’s right! Kaori, let’s help out!」

Slowly, blood was spreading from inside the vase where Tracy’s vase was buried into. Kaori and Shizuku ran toward her in great panic.

「H-Hajime-kun! Is the princess alright!? Look, she is twitching like a fish that is fished up to the land――」

「Ah, her convulsion stopped……」

Tomoichi and Kaoruko went deathly pale.

「It’s fine. Even if she really die, it’s possible to revive her if she is still freshly dead.」

「Your appreciation for life is too low! Do you need rehabilitation starting from your moral value!?」

「Reviving the dead is so easy like preparing an instant food huh……」

The common sense of the adults with good senses was crumbling into dust that vanished into the wind. Tomoichi’s gaze stabbed at Shuu and Sumire as though to say Just how did you raise this guy!, but the two of them averted their gaze away in a flash and mumbled vaguely.

If one sharpened their hearing, they would hear excuses like 「No, well, with the fantasy encroaching into the real like this, something like resurrection is just a small detail isn’t it? Even in video game the characters often die in battle, yep」「If it’s a game then the real hurdle will be making a come-back from 1 HP, yep」 being muttered.

This is why Nagumo family is just-! These damn game maniacs! Tomoichi held his head in his wits’ end.

The mini Tomoichi in his heart was peeking out saying 「Isn’t it fine already? There won’t be any hardship if you just accept it you know?」. Hopefully Tomoichi-san would win his battle against his inner self here.

A slight distance away, Akiko was alternately glancing at Tracy who was lying on a sea of blood and her father Gahard with an uneasy look while pushing on Aiko’s shoulders.

「H-hey, Aiko. If it’s Kaori-chan then she can heal her highness right? It will be fine right?」

「Y-yep. It will be fi――」

「Ah, her soul slip away――」

「Shirasaki-saaaan-. Do you need any helpppp!?」

「Ai-chan-sensei~, please dooo!」

Aiko broke into a dash. She jumped *pyon* to the rescue scene. Then 「Haaih」 she let out a yell of fighting spirit like a master of kenpo. Her hand shined in light pink color and hit something down as though she was performing a volleyball smash.

Right away, Tracy’s body jerked and bent backward like a shrimp.

「……Shia, did you mistake your strength control?」

「Don’t tell me, Shia, thou……wisheth that if circumstances permit it……? 」

「N-no way! It’s not like I was thinking of something like Try dying one time! just because she is an imperial princess!」



Hajime turned his gaze toward Gahard while such conversation was going on.

「So, empire. What is that artifact? Is that some kind of the empire’s secret treasure? Also, how can that princess use “Limit Break”?」

「Really, just how thick is the skin of your face?」

Gahard let out a deep sigh in complete exasperation.

「――”Magic Eater Scythe Egxess”. It’s an artifact that the first emperor discovered at the bottom of Ur’s lake.」

「Ur’s lake?」

「Err, your majesty? If that’s true, Ur is in the kingdom’s territory so the kingdom should have the right of possession for it isn’t it?」

「「Just shut up you black hearted princess who is hungry for benefits」」

「Why are you two in sync like that!? Or rather, I’m telling you I’m not black hearted!」

Gahard ignored the protesting Princess Liliana and continued explaining. According to him, the first emperor was a leader of a mercenary group. It could be understood that he was an extremely ambitious person from how he built a country despite such status.

Him discovering Egxess at the bottom of Ur’s lake because his ambition was pulling him toward that coincidence.

「There is a legend that “something precious” is dwelling in the bottom of Ur’s lake since the ancient time because of spirit or whatever. You might have heard about it if you ever went there.」

「Aa. I heard that from the owner of the “Inn of Water Fairy”. It seems the inn’s name was also taken from that legend……aa, I see. So the first emperor sought even that kind of legend, in order to obtain new strength.」

「Yeah. He didn’t know what might possibly become his strength after all. I heard that he even directed his ambition to rule toward the church deep inside.」

「So your weak faith came from your bloodline huh.」

Gahard shrugged. Tracy also resumed breathing at that time. She had recovered to a degree where she groaned 「Uu~n uu~n desuwaaa」 with her unique end of sentence that was as firm as Shia.

Kaori continued her treatment while Shizuku was giving the princess a lap pillow. Aiko was staying on standby in preparation for the worse with her soul magic. They were sending creeped out glances that said 「Uwaa, there is far fewer places that are alright in the princess compared to not?」 at Shia.

It seemed that the princess’s whole body was far more beaten and messed up than her appearance at the outside suggested.

Even so, she recovered successfully so Tomoichi and others patted their chest in relieve while Yue and others were listening carefully to Gahard and Hajime’s talk from the start.

「And so, it seems there was a small ruin that looked like a church at the bottom of that lake. That scythe was left there together with a lithograph.」

「Church? Lithograph? The holy church also built a church in that kind of place?」

「No, I heard that the building’s style was completely different. It was a ruin from who know which era. Most of all, the letters that were written on the lithograph was teh proof of that.」

――Magic Eater Scythe Egxess. I offer it to those who bear a grudge to the god.

「A heretic huh. Could it be……」

「By the way, since the empire’s founding those who can use Egxess at the level that can be called as “master” is only Tracy other than the first emperor.」

「Is it because the scythe will forcefully devour the user’s magic power once they touched it and even after they let go of it?」

「Hah, as expected from the greatest transmutation master. You get it just from looking at it.」

There was also how it was very difficult just to handle a scythe as a weapon. But more than that, the magic power amount that the weapon demanded was absurd even when it wasn’t in use.

It was to the degree that only owner of magic power in the level of Hajime and others could use it. Otherwise――

「The user will have to fight until they die. To fight and fight in order to continue devouring the magic power(enemy).」

「It’s really a cursed tool huh. I feel something like a deep-seated grudge from it. As I thought, it’s a relic from the era of the Liberators……no, perhaps it was from even more ancient time. It seems the holy sword has existed far longer than the era of the Liberators, so perhaps this thing is also something as ancient as that.」

「……Muu. Although my lightning sphere was weakened so it would only shock the target unconscious, this thing was still able to devour my magic.」

Yue’s gaze was attracted by curiosity toward Egxess that was lying near Tracy.

Perhaps because they had just heard the story, even though Tracy’s hand wasn’t holding it right now, the scythe was clad in an aura that was like miasma and it felt like they could hear a groan of deep-seated grudge Ooo from it.

Then after that, that muddy black miasma stretched out slowly……and touched Tracy’s leg *chon*. Right after that, Tracy’s body jerked and convulsed,

「F-fightt~, fight moreee~ desuwaa~」

「Y-your highness!? What’s the matter…….eh!? Her magic power is rapidly slipping out!?」

「Don’t run away from the ancient battlefieldddd~ desuwaa」

「What do you mean ancient battlefield!? Your highness, get a hold of yourself!」

「I-I’ll use the magic of magic power transfer!」

The treatment seemed to become flurried for some reason. It was like a field hospital there.

Hajime pointed at Tracy and looked at Gahard.

「She is completely cursed isn’t she?」

「Don’t mind it. That’s not really different from her usual behavior.」

「Just how did you raise her huh.」

「That’s the result of me not raising her.」

「Raising a child properly is important isn’t it, dear?」

Remia mama casually entered the conversation. Her lovely smile stabbed into Hajime papa. Eh? What did you say? Hajime pretended to not hear anything.

「So, about the Limit Break. Of course she didn’t have it originally. It’s something she acquired. It seems she obtained it from that legendary decisive battle. In all likelihood, the artifact that you supplied for us must be the trigger.」

「But, it’s strange that the princess is the only one if that’s the case isn’t it? At that time, the whole mankind’s battle strength should be put through Limit Break. Or are you telling me that now there are a lot of other people who have Limit Break too?」

「I also thought so and investigated, but Tracy is the only one. ……This is just my guess, but there are two causes. First that she is using Egxess on top of being in Limit Break state where her body was strengthened like crazy. The other cause is that she didn’t receive Shirasaki Kaori’s healing……that’s the only thing I can think of.」

What do you mean? Hajime and others tilted their head in puzzlement. Gahard recalled that time and he looked like he got a headache.

「Originally I didn’t intend to bring that girl into the battle. The crown prince and the second prince had passed on at that time, so that girl was the next emperor candidate based on her real strength and also her right of inheritance’s ranking.」

「Certainly. The other countries all left behind their children who would shoulder the future. I also sent Randell and mother to evacuate to the empire at that time.」

Gahard himself was prepared to die in battle at that time, so his decision was only natural, Liliana said with an understanding nod.

「Come to think of it, if she participated in the final battle, it was strange that we didn’t meet her in the meeting inside the fortress. Or rather, various people came to meet me before the final battle started but……the princess wasn’t among them.」

Hajime’s gaze turned toward Shia and Tio. His gaze asked them whether they had met her without him knowing about it. From Tracy’s personality, she looked like she would definitely head to meet Shia or the Hauria clan at the very least but……

Even so, it was strange that they never heard about her at all until now.

Shia and Tio also shook their head as expected.

「No, I don’t remember ever meeting her.」(Shia)

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「I was the one who joined up with everyone last at that time.」(Tio)

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