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Chapter 413 - Sweeping Clean the World (Final Chapter of Volume)

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Chapter 413 Sweeping Clean the World (Final Chapter of Volume)

Bai Nianyun finally turned to look at Meng Chuan. She nervously cried out, “Chuan’er?”

When they parted, Meng Chuan was only six years old. He was now a famous Regis Godfiend. Furthermore, he had contributed outstandingly to the human race. Even Creation Supremacies treated him with utmost politeness.

How should she interact with her son? What if her son was distant? What was she to do? After all, she had left when her child was six. It had been over 50 years since they last met face-to-face.

“Mom,” shouted Meng Chuan with a smile. This cry of “mom” completely dispelled Bai Nianyun’s dilemma. She couldn’t help but walk over and hug her son tightly. All these years, she had missed her son so much. When her son got married, she couldn’t help but head over, hoping to catch a glimpse of him from afar.

Meng Chuan was similarly agitated. His mother’s appearance was almost identical to his memories. The way she looked at him… was still as gentle as before. It was the way a mother treated her son.

No matter when, his mother would always be his mother.

Meng Dajiang grinned as he watched his wife and son hug. He had no regrets in this life!

In the following days, Meng Chuan naturally hunted demon monarchs as usual. He wanted to sweep clean all the demon monarchs in the world.


He rode the Bloodblade Disc deep underground and transformed into a beam of light, flying at high speeds.

When he discovered a demon monarch lair, his electromagnetic domain naturally formed lightning. The lightning bolts reduced the demons to dust, and almost all the demon monarchs died. Only one bear demon monarch, heavily injured, escaped. It has the strength of a threshold fourth Firmament demon monarchy if it can withstand the lightning bolts. Meng Chuan took a step and crossed the void. He teleported in front of the bear demon monarch-who looked at the human that had suddenly appeared in front of him in shock. The moment their eyes met, the bear demon monarch’s eyes gradually glazed over.

A few seconds later, the bear demon monarch’s eyes regained their sentience. He was extremely respectful as he said, “Master.”

“Yes, take a rest.” Meng Chuan waved his hand and stored him into his Grotto-Heaven Magic Bead.

He had another demon servant.

It was very difficult to find threshold fourth Firmament demon monarchs. However, one such demon servant was comparable to ten or so ordinary demon servants.

It won’t be easy for me to find new threshold fourth Firmament demon monarchs after I kill all the demon monarchs in the world. I have to seize this opportunity.

In the dark underground.

“Demon Monarch Yu Cong.” An illusory North Sense glanced at the demon monarch in front of him.

Demon Monarch Yu Cong was a snake demon with pitch-black scales and green eyes. He was extremely respectful towards North Sense.

“Now that the situation is dire, we won’t be able to save all the demon monarchs. You are extremely talented and young. You have a chance of reaching the fourth Firmament. Therefore, you are specially permitted to hide in the grotto-heaven,” said the black-robed North Sense. “Follow me.”

“Yes.” Demon Monarch Yu Cong was overjoyed.

Everywhere in the world, North Sense secretly contacted demon monarchs. They were all demon monarchs that the demons’ upper echelons thought had potential. They were then brought to a small grotto-heaven.

A few days later.

Within a small grotto-heaven.

“There are more than 300,000 demon monarchs left alive in the world. We only chose 95 demon monarchs to enter the grotto-heaven,” said Demon Sage Fire Dragon after sighing. “We can only watch as the other demon monarchs are slaughtered.”

“There’s nothing we can do about it,” said North Sense calmly. “We have to be careful. This small grotto-heaven is our most important garrison. We can’t expose it. Therefore, we can only bring in a small number of third Firmament demon monarchs. All 95 demon monarchs that we chose are young and talented. They are the ones with the greatest potential of reaching the fourth Firmament amongst the 300,000 remaining demon monarchs.”

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