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37 Chapter 35 The Lion Part 2

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37 Chapter 35 The Lion Part 2

After defeating Ares, the lion had caused chaos throughout its path going south. It had caused wanton destruction and destroyed many buildings while devastating the temple in Delphi. The army of Thebes tried to stop it but it just ploughed through them. Athens could not stop the lion and evacuated the city. Mycenae and Argos evacuated themselves immediately not willing to go against the lion. Thousands died and the fires the beast wrought burned wild and eager, destroying everything in its way. It was truly a killing machine, slaying anything in its path.

Another meeting had to be called by the G.o.ds to discuss a prophecy by the fates, but not all G.o.ds could attend. As well as Ares, still healing in his temple from the fight with the monster.

When all the available G.o.ds had arrived at Olympus, the meeting went ahead with the Fates telling the prophecy they foresaw.

Arises the Lion,

The First of its kind.

Then comes its siblings,

Each stronger than the last.

If they are not overcome,

Olympus shall face its doom.

For only they can be trounced,

By a G.o.d and their mortal progeny together.

Arguing started as soon as the prophecy was stated. They had all heard the Fates words and grew worried. It was bad at first with only the lion, but knowing that it was just the beginning drew various a.s.sumptions. The prophecy could only mean that there will be another war.

"Silence! There is a threat to our rule, and for the first time since Kronos, we are facing war," Zeus had finally put a stop to the council's incessant arguing. He had grown paranoid as soon as he had heard of the prophecy and had his son Apollo go all throughout the lands searching for this new threat. Unfortunately, there were no leads as to the maker of the lion that mauled his son.

"Brother, we need to prepare our armies, and where is Hades? He should be here by now," Poseidon had grown wary, the lion itself had nearly killed his son Theseus in Athens with the fires. He would have died if not for his ability to control water and weaken the flames enough to escape. Theseus recovered thankfully and was working on repairing his city while calling a meeting with the other kings.

"Hades has been preoccupied with his wives being pregnant and could not attend the meeting," says Demeter. She was worried for her daughter, hoping that she would not be kidnapped again like Hera.

"Then let us start the meeting. First off, we all have heard the prophecy and what it represents. All that we have created and done would be lost. It is obvious my wife was kidnapped by these beast's creators. We need to first stop these monsters," said Zeus.

"My son, Theseus, has called a meeting with the demiG.o.ds in the END and they plan to put a stop to this beast in Nemia. They are working with other demiG.o.ds to put an end to this charade," Poseidon had enough of this lion and wanted to support his son, but the ancient laws prevent him from directly interfering with mortals. That is unless an immortal is involved.

The meeting went on with no actual progress on how to deal with the lion leaving them to rely on their children to defeat them.

Theseus's kingdom had suffered greatly by the hands of the red lion. His army could not go against the lion alone. He knew he only had a chance of slowing it down while he evacuated the city. Many lives were lost, but many more were saved. He knew he made the right choice and decided to have a joint meeting between demiG.o.ds all across the kingdoms to rid the world of the beast.

The meeting had to take place in the END as it was the only way that all of them could even meet in a timely manner. Though he hated to admit it, he needed the help of the END demiG.o.ds. He hated them, well not hate, but disliked, for the opportunities and resources they were provided.

They were trained by warriors of the past and shelter from almost all hards.h.i.+ps found on Gaea. Monsters continuously sought him out. He disliked how they were handed everything from safety to education. They were given armour and weaponry that could permanently kill a monster. He himself did not even know who his father was until he was forced to jump from a cliff and retrieve Mino's crown. Then he had to face the minotaur and defeat it. The demiG.o.ds that resided here had gained much resentment from those that were forced to reside on Gaea. While he had so much resentment he had no choice, but to ask them for help.

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In front of the a.s.sembly of demiG.o.ds, Theseus began to speak.

The G.o.ds are used to mortals having meetings in the END at this point.

In Ancient Greece, there were never any kingdoms, but city-states. Kingdoms just sound nicer.

Orien name means the hunter.


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