Age of Adepts

Zhen De Lao Lang, 真的老狼

Chapter 964 - Trading Information

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Chapter 964 Trading Information

Greem easily made his way into Zola after paying the toll.

He spent half the day strolling through the city and quickly grew disappointed.

There was indeed a Holy Light Chapel in the city, but its scale was much smaller than the one in Hakans. Greem only felt a single Second Grade energy aura in the city, while the rest were all First Grade or lower.

After some hesitation, he gave up on the idea of attacking the chapel. Instead, he headed to a tavern at the eastern edge of the city.

Rose and Wine.

That was the name of the tavern. It sounded classy, but when Greem pushed open the two grimy doors and set foot within, he was immediately assaulted by the stench of cheap perfume, sweat, and the unique fragrance of oatmeal stouts. He frowned.

The sun had not even set, but the place was already filled with customers.

Greem was still dressed like a mercenary with a sword. His two-meter stature made him appear particularly intimidating, and he radiated a threatening aura just by standing in the dim entrance of the tavern.

Several muscular men who were hollering and swaying their way out of the doors ran into him. Their drunk eyes crossed the two cold eyes of the towering figure, and they immediately became half-sober.

These men were all members of the Willie Brotherhood in the downtown area of Zola City. They were typically rough and barbaric men and were known for being mean brawlers on the streets. Yet, for some reason, their hearts were beating wildly today just by running into this tall figure whose face they could not even see clearly. They stepped aside obediently and left the way to the counter open.

Everyone that Greem passed, be they passionate drunkards, waitresses with food on their trays, or even hooded figures whispering in the shadows, turned pale when he walked by them. They hastily got out of his way.

Many people who thought of themselves as courageous also instinctively stepped back only to realize their cowardice after the affair. However, while anger rose in their hearts and they prepared to rely on the alcohol in their system to start some trouble, their rising emotions were immediately quenched when they saw the towering back of that person once more.

The fat tavern owner wiped off the beads of sweat from his face with his oily rag and pushed a smile onto his face.

“This…sir, what are you looking for?”

It was obvious that Greem was a wandering mercenary from the way he dressed. However, when you stood in front of him and looked into his eyes, an indescribable spiritual pressure would fall upon you that was so dense that you felt like you were suffocating.

The difference in the lifeform level between them was too significant. Even when Greem tried his best to restrain his spiritual pressure and energy, ordinary people still could not remain calm when they stood in front of him.

“I need information.”

Greem was not trying to hide his intentions, either. He calmly stated his goal as he tossed a small bag onto the counter.

The crisp sound of coins rang as the bag fell on the grimy counter. The expression of the tavern owner immediately turned into a passionate one.

His right hand swiped across the counter with agility utterly disproportionate to his size, and the heavy bag vanished in an instant. He moved so quickly that even Greem somewhat suspected that he had ‘Thief’ as a secondary profession.

The fat meat on the owner’s face jiggled as he put on a fawning smile.

“Sir, do you see that skinny man in the corner. His name is Locke. He’s the leading source of information here in Zola. You can ask him anything you want. Don’t tell him I told you this, but he’s a senior member of the Little Knife Association!” Greem tilted his head and looked at the man in the corner of the tavern, even as he listened to the tavern owner’s rambling introduction.

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It was a skinny man dressed in black clothes. He looked very ordinary, without any distinguishing characteristics on his entire person. Only his spirited and wandering eyes betrayed his sharp and agile mind.

Locke had already noticed Greem the moment he entered the tavern. He was now whispering with the companions beside him while glancing at Greem from the corner of his eyes. When Greem looked toward him at the tavern owner’s words, Locke couldn’t help but wince slightly.

Greem’s towering figure was already looming over Locke’s table before he could think of a way to slip out of the tavern. The massive shadow he cast caused the faces of everyone on the table to turn. Sweat started to appear on their foreheads.

“You are Locke? I need to buy some information from you!” Greem got straight to the issue, speaking with a tone as cold as ice.

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Upon hearing that he was here for Locke, the other people who were dressed like him immediately vacated the table and left the space to the two of them.


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