Ace of the Dragon Division

Dust Wind, 尘风

Chapter 294.2 - Invisibility (Part two)

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Chapter 294: Invisibility (Part two)

– Wendy Bar –

In the lively dance floor, there was a mix of all kinds of people having their fun.

Under the background of heavy metal music, the young men and women were all enjoy their nightlife at such a late hour. A young man with a bandaged head sitting in one of the VIP tables on the upper level was drinking glass after glass of whiskey.

On the side, his friend advised, “Jiru, don’t be upset anymore. Isn’t it easy to kill someone like Xu Cheng? Should we just do it tonight?”

Jiru, as the heir of one of the big five companies in Britain, was one of the families that were exerting pressure towards the Lin Family. The temporary downfall of the Lin Family also had something to do with them. Jiru was still holding grudges after getting beaten up by Xu Cheng at the banquet. Looking at the dance floor, he said, a big gloomily, “I’m more interested in his wife. Even if I can date Victoria Secret models every day, they can’t be compared to Nicole at all when it comes to looks and body. Originally, back in highschool, I would’ve been able to get my hands on her already, but it was all screwed up by that b-stard Xu Cheng! I still remember him scaring me into p-ssing in my own pants back then! After hiding away for so long, this guy actually came back. He really doesn’t know what’s waiting for him this time.”

Then, he said to his friend, “I’m going to go to the washroom first. I drank too much.”

Jiru crossed the lively crowd and went to the washroom. After he was done peeing, he went to the mirror and leaned over to fix up his hair. He accidentally touched his wound, and the pain had him gritting his teeth. “S–t! Damn you Xu Cheng, wait and see how I kill you!”

At this time, Xu Cheng walked into the washroom in a janitor uniform and a cap, placing a sign outside the bathroom that said “Cleaning”. When he quietly walked over to Jiru, Jiru didn’t notice. At that moment, Jiru’s phone rang.


“Jiru, where are you?”

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Jiru: “What is it? I’m obviously at my usual spot, you know where I am. What is it?”


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