Absolute Great Teacher

Longing Washes Red Beans, 相思洗红豆

Chapter 750: Winner In Life

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Chapter 750: Winner In Life

In the evening, Sun Mo came out from the Battlegod Canyon and got onto the mountain peak where plenty of maple trees were growing. He cleared up his mind while admiring the sunset.

The orange sunset dyed the horizon, making it look like a wheat field waiting to be harvested.

“It’s so beautiful!”

Sun Mo subconsciously touched his pocket, wanting to take out his phone to take a photo, only to discover that there was nothing there.


This was inconvenient. He could only leave the scenery in his memories.

“It wouldn’t be bad to turn into stone either. At least, there won’t be any troubles.”

Jin Mujie stood next to Sun Mo and let out a sigh.

Next to the mountain peak, the long bulging rock was still there. The stone statue on it still maintained its pose, looking toward the sky. Nothing changed.

“But there’ll also be a lot less fun,” said Sun Mo.

“That’s right. To Teacher Sun, having risen to fame in your youth, being handsome and talented, having a high status, pockets filled with gold... there’d indeed be a lot less fun if you were to turn into a stone statue.”

Jin Mujie pouted.

Her tone sounded a little jealous.

There was no helping it. Sun Mo’s students were so outstanding and had love and respect for him, yet he didn’t let their expectations down. She felt upset upon seeing this.

“Uh, Teacher Jin...”

Sun Mo was surprised and he looked toward Jin Mujie as he thought, (I didn’t offend you, right?)

“I’m sorry, it was a slip of tongue.”

After saying that, Jin Mujie turned and quickly left.

How could she have said that?

That was too rude of her. It also made her appear narrow-minded.

Jin Mujie had followed Sun Mo here, wanting to discuss with him about their experiences in teaching students. However, in the end, her pride as a 3-star great teacher as well as a senior made it hard for her to speak up.

“Maybe she isn’t in a good mood?”

Sun Mo looked at Jin Mujie’s departing back and didn’t blame her. He knew that this great beauty from the Central Province Academy had a lot of pressure recently.

That aside, her figure was really great!

Hold on.

The Nine Provinces didn’t seem to be a place for monogamous marriages, right?

“Host, your thoughts are really dirty!”

The system said in disdain.

“How are they dirty?”

“You’re a great teacher. Please avoid immorality!”

The system instructed.

“Should I just go and become a monk then?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.

(I’ve been in Jinling for over a year and hadn’t visited those renowned shops and floating brothels on Qinhuai River. What else do you want me to do?)

Of course, Sun Mo was only complaining. He was definitely not going to become a monk.

After coming down from the mountain, Sun Mo found a random shop to have his meal and returned to the campsite. He then continued to study those sword marks.

“Teacher, have some tea!”

An Rou docilely placed a cup of white tea on the side of Sun Mo’s table.

She knew that Sun Mo had recently taken a liking to this drink.

“Thank you.”

Sun Mo let out a soft laugh.

It was so late and the teashop had since long closed for the day. However, this drink was still emitting steam. An Rou had clearly bought it in the afternoon and had just reheated it.

An Rou was given a fright and struck in awe. She quickly bowed. “Teacher is too polite. It’s my good fortune to make tea for Teacher.”


Favorable impression points from An Rou +100. Respect (3,000/10,000).

Sun Mo was speechless to hear the notification. Excellent, he had gained another fangirl. However, what came with that was heavy pressure.

If he couldn’t teach her well, he’d let her trust and admiration down.

“How’s the progress of your comprehension?”

Sun Mo asked.

The Central Province Academy’s students had all entered the third part of the canyon under his guidance. Their efficiency was astonishing.

“Thanks to Teacher, it’s very smooth-sailing. I’ve withstood 3,000 streams of sword qis and gained some rewards from it.”

An Rou stood there, looking restrained as she answered respectfully.


Sun Mo got up. “Lie down. I’ll help you check your body.”

An Rou looked overjoyed and quickly expressed her thanks. Her heart then started to palpitate when she saw the tidy bed. This was Sun Mo’s bed.

“Lie down!”

Sun Mo instructed.


An Rou discarded her distractions and quickly lay down. However, she secretly took a whiff of the bedding when Sun Mo wasn’t noticing.

Sun Mo performed the ancient massaging technique to relieve An Rou’s muscle fatigue as well as mental damage.

15 minutes later, An Rou got up, feeling invigorated and in peak condition. She expressed her thanks again.

“Can you not be so polite?”

Sun Mo felt helpless. “Oh right, how is Zhou Yu’s progress?”

“Not too good.”

At the mention of this, An Rou’s countenance immediately turned grim. “Teacher, I’ll be heading to the canyon.”

(No, I mustn’t waste any more time. I must try to get stronger as soon as possible, gaining the right to participate in the personal disciples battle. However, I mustn’t stop brewing tea for Teacher three times a day. This matter is more important than cultivating.)

“Hold on!”

Sun Mo called out, then took out a bottle of ancient whale oil, tossing it to An Rou. “Go look for Teacher Gu and get her to give you a massage.”


An Rou instantly felt agitated. This oil was rumored to be beyond amazing in the entire Central Province Academy. It was said to be the best reinforcing medicine.

Even great teachers couldn’t get it despite their willingness to spend a great amount of money on it.

“Go on quickly!”

Sun Mo went back to his studies.

His ancient massaging technique was at the grandmaster-level. The results would be superb if he were to give An Rou the massage, but she wasn’t his student after all. Applying the whale oil on her might cause criticisms.

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He might as well let Gu Xiuxun do it. It’d also train her skill and also build up her reputation.

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