Abe the Wizard

The Mass Of Eating Melon Seeds, 吃瓜子群众

Chapter 732 - Griffin Knights

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Chapter 732: Griffin Knights

“Griffin knights, Follow me. Take your griffins. Bartoli, come along as well. We’ll go take a walk around Harry Castle!” Abel looked at the 4 griffin knights, satisfied after they had signed their contract.

The 4 griffin knights let out a screech and speed out the door. 4 griffins were already waiting outside.

The duchy of Carmel’s teleportation circle was located on the palace door’s side. 2 official knights were guarding it. Their task was not to protect the teleportation circle. Their power was like nothing compared to those wizards who used the teleportation circle even though they were official knights.

Their task was charging the fee for teleportation. Normally this task would be controlled by a tower spirit, but this place’s guardian spirit must be kept a secret. Therefore they could do it manually.

After they had been accepted as a part of the wizard union web of teleportation, the palace’s teleportation circle would need to be responsible for some daily teleportation, like people who layover at the duchy of Carmel.

Since this teleportation circle was not located in a magic tower, it was one of those rare ones that normal people could use. Therefore, despite it being located in the far south of the Holy Continent, it was still in operation quite often.

“Your Majesty!” the 2 knights suddenly saw Abel appear. They quickly bowed.

“Well done!” Abel nodded with a smile.

Abel really meant it. The cost of each teleportation was 10,000 gold coins, and this teleportation circle drew its energy from an energy storage room underground, which was lavishly equipped with gems.

Gems were worthless to Abel, so all the profit derived from each teleportation could go straight into his palace expenses.

Excitement flashed in the gaze of those 2 knights. His citizens often loved a down to earth kings.

Abel and Bartoli entered the teleportation circle first and disappeared in a flash of white light. He then let the 4 griffin knights enter, and they disappeared as well.

In Harry Castle, Abel saw the 4 griffin knights reappeared.

Those things were naturally powerful. They had the body of a lion, sharp claws, and the head and wings of an eagle. Lions were the king of the land in the Holy Continent, and eagles were the king of the sky. As a result of the two combined, those griffins were extremely powerful, no matter if they were in the sky or land.

But of course, they had made their name through their flying skills since they could correspond it perfectly with their knights on them.

Griffin knights were not only skilled in long-distance archery, but they could also use long spears and weapons to unleash knight attacks, so griffins were a perfect match.

Griffins were not the fastest flying mounts. Their speed was inferior to the orcs pace eagle, and many other flying mounts could go neck to neck with them.

The reason why it was agreed to be the most powerful flying mount was that it was one of the very few practical flying mounts. In the Kingdom of St Ellis, there were enough griffins to form a medium-sized team of knights.

The orcs’ pace eagle could only be possessed by the extremely powerful, and the dwarf’s golden eagle was not as powerful as a griffin even though they could meet up to demand.

Abel scanned the 4 griffins with his power of the will. All 4 of them were females.

It was expected. There was no way the Kingdom of St Elis would let him breed these things.

“Too bad!” At first, Abel wanted to pass down a team of griffin knights guarding the sky and a team of mount wolf knights guarding the ground for his offsprings. If he could do that, the knight force of the duchy of Carmel would be perfect.

With Abel’s scan, he also noticed how many battles those griffins had fought, just like their owners. Although they were not old, their body was filled with hidden injuries.

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“Griffin knights, stay here from now on. Protect Harvest city. Bring your griffin to the hall!” Abel gazes at the griffins.

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