Abe the Wizard

The Mass Of Eating Melon Seeds, 吃瓜子群众

Chapter 730 - Banquet 7

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Chapter 730: Banquet 7

Abel felt unsettled after Duke Albert had free himself from the magic circle.

No one in the human world knew about this news, not even the Kingdom of St Ellis. If they did, there was no way they would give every inch of harvestable land to him.

He had unintentionally found the 3rd goddess fountain water. He was capable of providing food for all humans, but no one had forced him.

10 years of food shortage would use up everything in their inventory.

The duchy of Carmel’s status had increased, but a corresponding power increase was needed. This included the knights and Abel himself.

Knights were very important. According to the rules of humans in the Holy Continent, wizards could not get involved in the common world’s business. Therefore, knights were the true defying power.

Abel thought about the arrival of Head Commander Bodley and the 4 griffin knights. Although their loyalty was a problem, Abel had a solution.

As long as those powers could join him, the knight force of the duchy of Carmel would shoot up.

Abel calmed himself down and kept smiling and chatting to his guests.

“Grandmaster Abel, what a nice palace you have !” Bernie wobbly walked towards Abel with a big glass of Grandmaster wine in his hand.

Abel’s face palmed himself. He told Bernie to look after Elite Wizard Cyril, but he had ended up drunk like this.

“Bernie, drink less!” Abel whispered.

“Don’t worry. I’m a dwarf. Dwarfs can’t get drunk!” Bernie took another mouthful of Grandmaster Wine and said with confidence.

Abel shook his head. There was no need to persuade Bernie anyway. Abel was a good ruler. He would stop his guests from enjoying themselves.

“Grandmaster Abel, all of these decorations are worth a fortune. You really are quite willing to show off. Did you clear up the palace treasury? Even though Bernie was a little drunk, he could still function normally.

As the heir of the only dwarf family specialized in trade, he could recognize treasures more than any noble human.

“Bernie, you are too good. How did you know I’ve cleared up the palace treasury?” Abel said with a laugh.

Bernie suddenly became alert and pointed at Abel. “How can you do that! Just look at this coral. Look at how mysterious it looks. You can tell it is not from the Holy Continent with one look. Only ancient sights will have something like this. Or maybe I was brought back from some faraway land. But no matter what, this thing is extremely valuable. You are provoking people by putting it out!’

“It’s just some decoration. In the eyes of wizards, it looks just like rubbish!” Abel said carelessly.

“Grandmaster. Have you gotten your artwork stolen before?” Bernie gazed around, realizing there were no guards dedicated to looking after these artworks.

“The last one who tried had turned flat!’ Abel said with a laugh.

“Turned flat!” Bernie stuttered a little and suddenly realized Abel was joking, so he laughed as well.

Bernie was not the only one; many nobles knew how to appreciate art as well. After the amazing meal, many of them began to look at the artworks.

Wow! Sound. Many nobles were in awe. Their eyes were filled with shock, especially when they saw that grey armor.

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“These are the core gears of the Duchy!” Earl Eno gasped as he stood in front of that magic knight sword, magic shield, and the full set of magic armor. They all had the George family coat of arms on them.

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