48 Hours a Day

Little Bleary Zhao

Chapter 986 - Knife vs Knife

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Chapter 986: Knife vs Knife

Red forced Zhang Heng back with a knife, but she did not follow up afterward. Instead, she threw away the knife in her hand. Her goal was obvious. Wanting to end the battle with the pocket pistol on the table, she threw the knife at Zhang Heng to buy her more time.

However, if one underestimated the power of that throw, the person would have to pay a painful price.

In fact, every single member of the emergency response team, starting with the number zero, was a true all-rounder. With a skillful throwing technique, the knife was sent flying at Zhang Heng’s heart. It was fast and accurate, and they weren’t very far apart from each other either. If Zhang Heng failed to dodge the knife, he could die here.

Red was very confident in her throwing skills. However, she also believed that even if Zhang Heng could dodge the knife, he definitely wouldn’t stop her from taking the gun.

The expression on her face, however, froze the next moment.

Zhang Heng did not slow down at all, the steak knife in his hand fluttering and revolving at his fingertips like performing magic. He then caught the flying knife midair.

Red stared on with bulging eyes. Highly confident in her throwing skills, almost every known sword skill was programmed into her memory, more than sufficient to help her cope with whatever situation fate threw her way. However, when she looked through her memory, she could not find Zhang Heng’s knifeplay method.

In fact, the moment Zhang Heng started to play with the knife, she had failed to identify the skill that Zhang Heng was using. Red instincts shot her neurons with a strong sense of crisis. Reacting almost instantly, she gave up picking the pistol on the table because the plan to block Zhang Heng had failed. In this short half-second, she figured she couldn’t pull the trigger before Zhang Heng approached her.

So, Red made a decisive decision to kick over the table in front of her. After that, she held on to her injured hand and plunged into the crowd beside her.

And it was not until then that the onlookers in the bar realized what had happened.

They did not expect that the scene that looked like a young couple arguing with each other would eventually turn into something so bloody.

The moment Red took out the pocket pistol from her thigh, the situation went completely out of control. After Zhang Heng pinned Red’s hand to the table with a knife, Red pulled out the knife to throw at Zhang Heng. The entire bar had plunged into chaos. None of them knew who they should help.

However, Red, as a female, still had the advantage at this time. After all, Singularity was mostly a male-dominated bar. When men didn’t have a clear idea of what was going on, they’d usually take the women’s side. There were several strong men prepared to pin Zhang Heng on the ground.

Feng Zi was taken aback, and the sorrow on her face had disappeared. Not only did she show no fear, but she looked rather happy. This time, she got even more excited when she looked at Zhang Heng.

Since there were too many people in front of her, she took a lot of time to squeeze through the crowd. Fortunately, after all that, she finally managed to get closer to Zhang Heng. Just as she was about to open her mouth to say something, she realized that she had lost track of Zhang Heng, and he was nowhere to be seen.

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Feng Zi rubbed her eyes hard and took a good look at her surroundings again. Zhang Heng had indeed disappeared right in front of her. Just like her, the few drunkards who were prepared to pin Zhang Heng down were left baffled too. Everyone was looking around, trying to spot Zhang Heng.

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