48 Hours a Day

Little Bleary Zhao

Chapter 985 - Red

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Chapter 985: Red

The woman in the red skirt retracted her gaze and looked at Zhang Heng. “Have you found the person you were looking for?”

Zhang Heng did not answer, asking instead, “What about you? Have you met the person you’ve been waiting for?”

In the end, it was the red skirt woman who surrendered first. She gave up going around in circles and went straight to the point.

“So you are the courier?”

Zhang Heng nodded.

“Are you the one supposed to trade with me?”

“Yes. You can call me Red,” replied the woman in the red skirt. Afterward, she seemed to know what Zhang Heng was thinking. So, she added, “I am not a seller. Just like you, I’m just a courier.”

“Simon.” Zhang Heng stretched out his hand and shook Red’s hand. Red wasted no time and cut to the chase.

“Did you bring the payment, Simon?”

“I brought it, but I don’t see you carrying anything,” Zhang Heng said.

“Don’t worry. The thing is not on me right now. You know Shengtang Morgan is trying to intercept this transaction, and I have to be more cautious,” Red said. “Hand me the payment first. After I check on it, I will bring you to get the item you want.”

However, after she finished talking, she realized that Zhang Heng wasn’t budging.

“This is not what we agreed on.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I was told before I set off that I should pay and receive the goods at the same time,” Zhang Heng said.

“Don’t be silly, Simon. The content of the transaction has already been negotiated. We are just couriers. Don’t make a fool of yourself. Hand me the 1 gram of antimatter, and I will take you to get the goods. After that, we can call it a day and go home. We can all complete our own work.”

“I don’t know your trading style, but we, couriers, should stick by the agreement. Only by doing that, will we be able to proceed smoothly.”

Zhang Heng remained unmoved.

Since Red could do nothing about Zhang Heng’s stand, she took a deep breath and finally gave in. “Well, I respect your professional ethics. Let’s go to the place where the goods are. Once we get there, I will check the antimatter. Are you happy with that?”


“Very well. Let’s not wait any longer,” Red said as she stood up from her seat. Zhang Heng, who was sitting opposite of her, however, reminded her about something.

“You forget one thing.”

Red was surprised.

“What thing?” she asked.

“Let me see the tattoo on your lower abdomen.”

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“Really? Here?”

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