48 Hours a Day

Little Bleary Zhao

Chapter 832 - Please Ask

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Chapter 832: Please Ask

After Zhang Heng and the patrol team walked out of the tavern, a young patrol team member named Barbir could not help and shout in excitement,

“Wow! I can’t believe it! This is amazing!!! This is just one night. No, it’s less than that. We didn’t even do anything. All we did was stand in the tavern, and we earned six Aureus just like that. You should have seen Iron Handcuff’s face…”

This was probably his most memorable night since he joined the patrol, especially when Zhang Heng said to Iron Handcuff, “Thirty percent, no more, no less.” Everyone in the tavern could hear Zhang Heng’s unequivocal powerful statement.

It was as if hundreds of patrol members were waiting outside the tavern to ambush them. At Zhang Heng’s order, they would rush in and kill everyone. Iron Handcuff experienced the most pressure since he sat right opposite Zhang Heng. To him, they were no longer the ordinary patrol team. He felt like he was talking to the three most powerful bosses in this area. A man like that could decide his fate in just one sentence. During the negotiation, Iron Handcuff’s forehead was drenched in a cold sweat. And he found that he could not refuse Zhang Heng’s proposal.

It was not until Zhang Heng and the patrol members left the tavern that he woke up from his nightmare and noticed that his right hand under the table was shaking slightly.


Zhang Heng did not walk far. He stopped shortly after leaving the tavern and opened the coin purse with six gold coins. He divided the money into fourteen shares and distributed it to twelve patrol members, each of whom would get about forty-two Sestertius.

To the patrol members living on a meager salary, forty-two Sestertius was a huge amount of money. And that was only a week’s income. According to Zhang Heng and Iron Handcuff’s agreement, Iron Handcuffs had to pay 30% of their income every week to the patrol team. The money was supposed to serve as a token of gratitude to the patrol team for maintaining law and order in this city.

And they did not mind that Zhang Heng took a double share. After all, Zhang Heng was the one that struck a deal with Iron Handcuff. No one thought that Zhang Heng could make so much money off the gang here. They even felt that Zhang Heng took too little for himself. Even if he took a little more, they wouldn’t have said anything about it.

Nonetheless, Zhang Heng did not need so much money for now. He was still receiving the performance income from the Victor Arena. He took one more share because he wanted to set the rules for the future division of money. Since he intended to take over the patrol team, he first established clear rules about dealing with monetary matters. Otherwise, the team would not be able to last long.

While they happily took the money from Zhang Heng, the way they looked at Zhang Heng had changed too. They no longer regarded him as a new member. Right now, they respected and admired him more. However, Aris looked at Zhang Heng in a slightly complicated way. He did not take his share right away.

Instead, he said, “I actually wanted to ask you something just now, but you were still negotiating with Iron Handcuff. Since you are one of the patrol members, I couldn’t embarrass you. I think I can ask you the question now.”

“Please ask,” replied Zhang Heng.

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