48 Hours a Day

Little Bleary Zhao

Chapter 520 - Guessing

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Chapter 520 Guessing

“Interesting.” Holmes closed the notebook in his hand. “It appears Mark Cohen had indeed come into conflict with those prostitutes. So, he led himself to the role of Jack the Ripper, all for the sake of seeking pleasure. However, he didn’t expect that the deeper he got into the role, the more he lost parts of himself.”

“These things were clearly recorded in his notes. He began to imagine that he was the murderer after the first killing was reported. By the time he saw the letter in the newspaper, his soul and mind had completely been devoured by Jack the Ripper, and in the end, he couldn’t even tell who he was anymore.” At the same time, Zhang Heng had already walked out of the cell. He then loosened his hands and ankles. “And as for the uterus that you retrieved from his residence, give it a once over, and you will find that it does not belong to a human. When the first victim was killed, he had the perfect alibi of delivering a baby girl that night. Once you locate the girl named Clarissa, you will know I speak the truth.”

Holmes chewed on the pipe in his mouth, pondering thoughtfully over something.

Just then, Lestrade rushed over from the other side of the corridor. “I contacted several newspapers. The director wants to promote this case! He wants to commend the police force and you as well. After all, you are Scotland Yard’s special consultant. This time, you’ve helped us solve this strange case…”

“Wait,” Holmes reached out and interrupted Lestrade. “We haven’t caught the murderer yet. So let’s forget about celebrating. It will only serve to inflate the murderer’s ego.”

“What are you talking about?” Lestrade was confused. “The suspect has just pleaded guilty, and he even described how he killed the victims!”

“He got the idea from the newspaper report. The uterus on the table was taken from a pig,” Holmes explained. “Lestrade, I always thought you are the best and brightest Scotland Yard had to offer. If you are willing to spend more time collecting clues instead of boasting your merits, you would surely achieve more than what you have right now.”

Lestrade shook his head when he heard those words. “I have been at Scotland Yard for so many years, and no matter what case it is, we usually close it once somebody steps up and confesses to his crimes. I think you are just overthinking. Anyway, the reporters should be there in half an hour. The director is going to see the queen early tomorrow morning to report the good news. He will also mention you and your eastern friend’s contributions.”

“Have you so quickly forgotten the Thames case? Planning to cooperate with the media to fish out the real murderer? By then, I don’t think the public will cooperate with you,” Holmes went on, shaking his head in discouragement. “It’s the director’s decision. I can’t change it no matter what you say,” said Lestrade said. “Unless you can arrest the real murderer right now…”

Zhang Heng suddenly asked, “Can I meet Mark Cohen?”

“You want to see him? That’s not how the rules work, but in light of your contribution to the police, I believe we can make an exception,” Lestrade said.

Lestrade then brought the two to the interrogation room where the doctor was held.

“I’ve tried questioning him once; hence I won’t be going in this time. Besides, I have to deal with the reporters.”

As Lestrade left, Holmes rubbed his chin. “Do you think Mark Cohen losing his mind wasn’t an accident?”

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Zhang Heng nodded, “Judging by his notes, I can see that he did have a mental illness, but I don’t think that it was an accident that his mental health suddenly deteriorated during this period. The police were looking for Jack the Ripper, and he so just happened to come to us and confess his crimes?”

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