48 Hours a Day

Little Bleary Zhao

Chapter 1111 - The Atrium

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Chapter 1111: The Atrium

Jemengard was shocked and infuriated. This was the first time it had suffered such a huge loss since it gained consciousness. Although it was unwilling to admit it, it did feel the threat of death.

However, until now, Jemengard could not believe that the pressure of death was brought on by this seemingly insignificant human.

However, the blade of the other party’s knife was indeed stained with his blood. It looked exceptionally ferocious, as if it was reminding him of the source of the wound on his cheek. What confused him even more confused was that the target was clearly in his poisonous fog, but he was still alive and kicking. On the contrary, Jemengard was becoming weaker and weaker.

Even Jemengard began to wonder who it was that it really poisoned.

Zhang Heng did not attack after the slash. He mainly dodged and dodged the python’s subsequent roll and furious counterattack. During that time, he even tried to shoot another arrow with his Pestilence Bone Bow.

From Jemengard’s current actions, it was obvious that the arrow he shot into the Python’s mouth was still effective, even though it was just an ordinary arrow. However, the Pestilence Bone Bow’s effect of infecting blood with two to five types of plagues was still effective.

After that, Zhang Heng could clearly feel Jemengard’s movements slowing. This also made it easier for him to dodge. However, this time, Jemengard did not give him another chance. His second arrow did not manage to hit the wound on the python’s cheek, but the surrounding scales deflected it.

At that moment, the nightmare guardian had completely retracted its initial contempt for Zhang Heng. It started to panic because it realized that it could not catch its target or unleash its full potential even though it had invincible strength. Its poison fog, which had always been effective, seemed to have little effect on its target either.

After this round, it really did not seem to be able to do anything to Zhang Heng. Seeing that the human in front of it was getting ready again, Jemengard raised its head and used its tail to slap the ground repeatedly, appearing as though it was preparing for a big move.

In the end, Zhang Heng had just raised his guard and was ready to deal with the black python’s next big move. He didn’t expect the latter to twist its body and escape to the reef beach not far away without looking back.

Zhang Heng was stunned. He didn’t expect the majestic python, the famous Norse mythical monster, to really run away without a shred of dignity.

Most importantly, based on Zhang Heng’s previous investigation, Jemengard had not used all of its attacks. Even though its pouncing and poisonous fog had not been effective, it should still possess a mind control skill, or there was no way to explain why the old man outside the maze had voluntarily walked into the tunnel to this island for more than 50 years to become its guide.

Zhang Heng had also been on guard against the onslaught of Jemengard’s mental attacks during the previous battle, but he had not expected the other party to be so decisive without even giving it a try. This went out of Zhang Heng’s expectations too. He had a vague feeling that something was not right, but at this moment, he could not dwell on the problem anymore. Seeing that the black python was about to escape, he immediately chased after it.

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